The new 3R Blackstar edition is out!

Announcing the new 3R Blackstar edition, the programmable re-clocking system

We are very happy to announce the 3R USB Renaissance mk2, Blackstar edition and 3R Master Time Blackstar edition.

We were working on R&D for the last 6 months for this new offering and upgrade, as new technologies and components came out. As always we offer the entailed opportunity for even better performance to our customers.

The result is a new 3R USB Renaissance device and a Blackstar core-board upgrade for the 3R Master Time!

So, what’s so special about this 3R Blackstar edition?

– Latest generation programmable microchip. We have developed our own firmware for the core chip.
– On-chip USB signal boost and correction in both input and output of the re-clocking process
– os-con ultra-low esr Conductive Polymer Aluminium Solid Capacitors
– New, ultra low noise regulators
– New, improved low-phase noise jitter oscillator
– Shorter signal path PCB
– Robustness and stability under all conditions on any system

In terms of audible differences with the previous version, the sound stage is now deeper and wider, details are finer and presented in a more musical way, while bass is more controlled. Overall, you now have even higher resolution and a more airy presentation, maintaining a highly natural sound…

The price remains the same.

For 3R Master Time owners we offer a free upgrade (excluding shipping costs back and forth).

For 3R USB Renaissance owners, the upgrade costs only 100 euros and refers only to the device, not to the power supply – the user keeps the existing power supply. 

For more information and for arranging this upgrade send email to

* The Blackstar name came from David Bowie’s last record called “Blackstar”as a tribute to his musical genius.


High End Munich 2019

Ideon Audio’s top gear in top systems.

Get the Ideon Audio experience in High End Munich 2019

The Absolute DAC and the 3R Master Time in JOSOUND – E206, ATRIUM 4.2

The 3R Master Time in FINKTEAM, E117, Atrium 4.1

If you want to meet us in person, please send a message to our facebook page to book a meeting.

We are looking for business partners around the World, so here is your chance. Come and talk to us!



It’s here! Absolute Perfection

The new Absolute Hyperstream DAC is available!

Connecting us with the musical event.

The Absolute DAC represents the state of the art in converters technology, thanks to its proprietary circuitry and ingenious combination of the best selected electronic and mechanical components.

It will breathe new life into your audio files libraries! The sound is vast, superlatively confident; the sense of space and dynamic contrast are beyond imagination, reaching a superb sonic experience. The Absolute is artefact free, its linear circuit does not impart audio characteristics of its own.

  • The device is fully balanced throughout – a topology that helps to minimize the noise floor to vanishingly low levels (~-130 to -140dB)
  • The Absolute can operate in single-ended and balanced modes without loss of signal either way.
  • Ultra-linear circuitry and hand-selected and matched-to-circuit components are used throughout.
  • Contemporary, cutting edge technology applied in the Absolute design choose the latest, highest performing digital-to-analogue conversion technology.
  • Proprietary circuit design optimizes the performance of the state-of-the art DAC chip and clocks – oscillators used. Three ultra-low jitter clocks used to support sonic precision and sound stability. Proprietary, ultra-low noise, dual-quattro voltage parallel analogue amplification stages implemented in the Absolute DAC. This protects against noise, hum, and signal degradation. Hence, signal accuracy is unparalleled! At the same time, with ample energy reserves and strikingly improved SNR ratio, stunning dynamics are achieved!
  • The superlatively stable output stage with vast power reserves is therefore more than capable of driving any commercially available pre/power amplifier combo, as well as longer cables, both in single-ended and balanced operating modes.
  • The Absolute main power banks, both the boards and the components, are engineered in order to ensure ultra-high operating stability and precision, thereby negating fluctuations to subsequent stages.
  • Proprietary power supply design provides independent power lines to each stage that bypass the main power boards and ensure freedom from internal noise interference.
  • The massive, hand-milled aluminium chassis enhances mechanical stability and provides shielding from airborne vibration. The base alone has more than 1450 cubic cm of solid aluminum.
  • There are no signal-carrying wire inside the Absolute.
  • A choice of digital filters allows the user to optimize reproduction or, more simply, to match one’s personal taste.


Key Features

  • Balanced operation, balanced and single ended outputs
  • Ideon Audio’s Proprietary USB and S/PDIF inputs
  • Ideon Audio’s modular, quad channel (balanced) analogue output stage
  • Extreme Ideon Audio linear power supply configuration with many different local power supplies and dual, exceptionally large main power supplies. Selected audiophile components throughout
  • Two main transformers, custom hand-made for audio applications
  • Ideon Audio’s proprietary internal AC filter circuit takes care of incoming power filtering
  • ESS ES9038PRO 32-bit 8 channel, Hyperstream Dac
  • Industry’s highest dynamic range (DNR), up to 140dB
  • Three of the most exotic, ultra-low jitter clocks


At the Athens High End Show 2018

Absolute Greek High-End!

During Athens High End Show 2018, Ideon Audio and Arcadian Audio presented and demonstarted two of the best, most mindful, highly innovative and true benchmark Greek products… The Absolute DAC and the Arcadian Audio Pnoe speakers in a system which redefined the naturalness and presence of music.

It was a purely Greek system at its core and one of the most – if not the most expensive in the show (160+K€) – but most importantly as visitors told us, the best sounding…

Absolute DAC, 3R Master Time and Pnoe fabulous speakers the protagonists!!!

Another great show!

The System

Ideon Audio Absolute DAC
Ideon Audio 3R Master Time
Arcadian Audio Pnoe Speakers
Ypsilon Faethon Integrated Amplifier
Harmonix, CrystalCable and homemade cables

MusiCHI suite and music player client server edition by Philippe Watel

Music Server developed and optimized by Thanasis Moraitis and Philippe Watel.

At the Warsaw Audio Show 2018

The Absolute Computer-Audio Sound

Ideon Audio announced major new products at the Audio Video Show, Warsaw 2018, and presented the absolute computer audio playback.

During the show we were happy to announce the new Ideon Audio 3R Master Time, a highest precision USB re-clocking platform and the final edition of the absolute DAC, a no-compromise design based on the hi-resolution, “hyperstream”, 32 bit, 8 channel ES9038PRO SABRE Dac chip from ESS. Both devices, like all Ideon Audio products are results of in-house proprietary designs.

In the company’s room at Radisson Sobieski Hotel-Warsaw, Ideon Audio, demonstrated the absolute system in computer audio playback, based on the Absolute DAC and the 3R master Time reclocking platform, with the LDMS – Lucas Domansky Music Server completing the system as the ultimate digital source.

The Ideon Audio 3R Master Time Re Drive – Re Clock – Re Generate the USB signal. 3R Master Time based on Ideon Audio’s proprietary technologies, dramatically improves the sound from digital audio computer files, and music streaming services. It achieves amazing sound performance by uncovering lost detail, enhancing dynamics, re-clocking the signal using ultra-low jitter oscillators, and minimizing transmission losses. With triple ultra-low noise linear power supply, Femto, ultra-low noise phase clock and Dual re-drive signal conditioning chip Turns any PC/Laptop into a truly high-end source.

The Ideon Audio absolute DAC The absolute DAC represents the state of the art in digital-to-analogue conversion performance. It comprises end-to-end proprietary circuit design, ingenious combination of the best selected electronic and mechanical components, and no financial compromise at any stage of its R&D and construction

LDMS – Lucas Domansky Music Server State-of-the-art, featuring numerous unique optimization techniques in the system architecture and software & a bespoke hardware implementation for virtually jitter-free playback, providing extreme levels of EMI/RF shielding, vibration control, chassis dampening and true galvanic isolation, coupled with a premium-quality, ultra-clean linear power supply.

The System

Ideon Audio Absolute DAC

Ideon Audio 3R Master Time re-clocker

LDMS Music Server

Manron gm70 Integrated Amplifier

Horns Aria II Speakers

Gekko interconnects cables

Stavessence LAN & USB cables