3R Master Time Black Star

The Ideon Audio 3R Master Time Black Star: Highest Precision USB re-clocking platform

3R: re-generating, re-clocking, re-driving the USB source signal

From the uber hi-end systems of this world to the most modest laptop-based playback, an Ideon Audio 3R placed between source & digital-to-analog converter invariably, consistently, and dramatically improves the sonic result!

Almost unreal

Reveals undetected details to unsuspecting audiences.

Based on Ideon Audio’s proprietary technologies, dramatically improves the sound from digital audio computer files, and music streaming services.

It achieves amazing sound performance by uncovering lost detail, enhancing dynamics, re-clocking the signal using ultra-low jitter oscillators, and minimizing transmission losses.

Lost or hither to unheard detail is uncovered, and dynamics are greatly enhanced.

The music makes more and better sense.

State-of-the-art Design

Ideon’s proprietary triple (3x) ultra-stabilized, low-noise linear power supply.
Tackling the future: modular construction simplifies future updates.
An essential tool for recording and mastering professionals, should be in all enthusiasts audio systems!

Now with new, latest generation programmable microchip and on-chip USB signal boost and correction in both input and output of the re-clocking process.

Increased robustness and stability under all conditions on any system.

It virtually transforms any PC/Laptop into a high-end source!

Precision timing, phase, and clarity: ultra-low jitter femto clocks and ultra-low noise oscillators to ensure phase correct restitution & drive.

Dual drive output, stabilized output.

USB type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec
PCM, DSD Full Compatibility
OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)
USB POWER RAIL Switchable 5V on/off
Four Asynchronous Endpoint Buffers
POWER SUPPLY Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply
OUTPUT POWER 600ma ultra low noise 5 volt USB
APPLICATION Computer audio systems / DAC / ADC

Ayazi DAC mk2 & 3R Master Time Black Star – Part-Time Audiophile

“…That’s why I really enjoyed the Ideon Ayazi Mk. 2 DAC and the 3R Master Time Black Star. I consistently achieved excellent sound from several sources and wildly different systems, and it provided me with a clear view of what the big DACs can do, converters like, I dunno, the Ideon Audio Absolute. I really want to hear what that can do that this rig can’t. Or maybe I shouldn’t listen to it at all—because I’ll want THAT.

Highly recommended, and a Reviewer’s Choice..”

Haute Fidelite, January 2022

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Ayazi mk2 DAC – Sound Rebels

“..Ideon sounds like competition on much higher price levels, where it does not need to prove anything to anybody, and instead of showing muscles, it makes music count. Because it is the music, which is most important here, and the Ayazi presents it in such an engaging way, that if instead of looking for more revolutionary solutions or re-inventing the wheel, you just want music to soothe you, then contact with the Greek DAC could be like return to normality for you.

Sound Rebels, January 2022

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3R Master Time – Sound Rebels

“… And, what is most important, the improvement was audible in each and every aspect. This is why, when you are listening to music by streaming the zeros and ones through the USB port, you should at least invite the Ideon Audio 3R Master Time Black Star home for testing, however with the caveat, that this might become a much longer stay. Even more, if you like music, and you would like to live it in the highest quality possible, I do not imagine, you would not try it out. But if you pass on it, you will lose a lot, for sure.”

Sound Rebels, January 2022

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Ayazi DAC mk2 & 3R Master Time Black Star – Haute Fidélité (in English)

“…The Ayazi Mk2 DAC and 3R  Master Time combo is one of these real discoveries, the kind of which is rarely encountered… 

It is hard to speculate what secrets are hidden in their entrails, to allow them to attain this magnificent sonic result. Whatever the case the result is indisputable: the Ideon Audio Ayazi Mk2 + 3R TM are among the
best digital products at their price range and well beyond. This duo is a marvel of technical mastery
that connects us directly to the heart of the music. It is a real current digital reproduction reference in quality / price ratio.

Haute Fidelite, February 2021

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