Register your Product to get the Ideon Audio seven (7) year Warranty

All Ideon Audio products come with a standard, limited, two-year warranty (terms and conditions detailed in your product manual).

You can extend the two-year warranty to seven (7) by registering your product with Ideon Audio within 6 weeks of the date of your purchase by filling in the form that follows and attaching a dated proof of purchase (i.e. the bill of sale, distributor’s invoice, dealer’s receipt…).

Please note that documents without an authorized resellers name are not accepted. The seven-year warranty is not applicable for 3R USB Renaissance Black Star (the two-year standard warranty applies)

Ideon Audio also offers a lifetime warranty for all its products, which can be purchased for a % of the retail price of the product in question. This is offered and handled directly from Ideon Audio. For more details and eligibility, please contact directly Ideon Audio (info@ideonaudio.com re LT warranty) for this. 

The terms and conditions of the Ideon Audio warranty, regardless of duration, are described in the user’s manual of your product.

Product registration form

Data protection

For any warranty scheme to work it is necessary for Ideon Audio to maintain the personal data of the owner of the device, hence, by subscribing to the warranty you consent to Ideon Audio storing your personal data. Ideon Audio plc, its affiliated or associated companies and resellers, retailers, and companies working on behalf of Ideon Audio plc, will never sell or otherwise offer your information to unauthorised third parties. We would like to use your personal information to keep you informed about our news, new products, services, and special offers ONLY if you do not object. If you do not wish for us to do this, please contact us via any of the following: email: info@ideonaudio.com re, GDPR mail: Ideon Audio, Parren 6, 11525 Athens, Greece