Alpha Wave LAN optimizer to USB

The Ideon Audio Alpha Wave: a high-end LAN optimizer and femto-level re-timing platform

The Need.

Today’s digital audio landscape predominantly revolves around playing music signals sourced from networks, whether from a NAS or streaming services. Music streaming, supported by renowned providers globally and Internet radio, stands out as the leading trend. While streaming caters to the needs of casual listeners, it often falls short of delivering high-quality audio due to inherent challenges in real-time music transmission. Issues like timing discrepancies, shaping distortions, and noise interferences frequently compromise the stream’s integrity from source to end user Unfortunately, efforts to maintain stream fidelity usually fail due to shortcomings in routers, home Ethernet switches, data lines, and LAN cards utilized by streamers.

The Solution.

The new Innovator Series is designed to introduce cutting-edge technologies that significantly enhance the value and performance of digital audio playback systems, unlocking their full potential and enriching the listening experience for those who primarily use digital systems. 

The Alpha Wave is one of the first devices in this new line.

Ideon Audio introduces today solutions like the Alpha Wave,  to elevate stream quality and address these common challenges. At Ideon Audio, we’ve diligently explored solutions to enhance sound quality with minimal intervention. Our research revealed that optimizing the LAN connection interface, the final segment of the streaming chain, significantly improves audio quality. This enhancement not only amplifies the quality but also delivers a more satisfying listening experience.

A groundbreaking, State-of-the-Art design.

Introducing the Alpha Wave LAN Optimizer to USB—a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the extraction of music data from mediums not initially designed for music reproduction.

Designed to interface seamlessly with your Streamer or Music Server via a USB 3.0 connection (rather than LAN connection), our optimizer guarantees uninterrupted gigabit LAN performance. By integrating a femto clock as a master timing device and employing premium hi-end components, we elevate our design to unmatched quality levels. Essentially, we refine the LAN-originated signal before it reaches the streaming device, through a USB 3.0 connection.

Our commitment to excellence extends to a meticulously crafted, multiple regulated linear, ultra-low noise power supply, complete with a custom-designed oversized toroidal transformer. This innovative design eliminates interference, ensuring every circuit receives pristine energy. Furthermore, our robust chassis not only shields sensitive electronics from EMI/RFI noise but also provides the necessary mass to mitigate vibrations.


The Alpha Wave LAN optimizer is designed to be positioned between the LAN switch or router and the source device, such as a PC or streaming/server device. While essentially replacing the LAN card of your device, it simultaneously leverages the benefits of an audio-grade overengineered transformer, meticulously designed ultra-low noise power supplies from Ideon Audio, the proprietary Ideon Audio femto-based re-clocking architecture, and premium high-end components used throughout its construction. By employing this LAN optimizer, you effectively eliminate the deficiencies associated with noisy and “dirty” LAN signals, as well as the low-quality components commonly found in standard LAN cards.


COMPATIBILITY Streamer or Music Server (ideal for Streaming services improvement)
PERFORMANCE Uninterrupted gigabit LAN performance
TIMING DEVICE Integrated femto clock
POWER SUPPLY Multiple regulated linear, ultra-low noise power supply
TRANSFORMER Custom-designed, overengineered toroidal transformer
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 460 x 70 x 295 mm ( (18.1 x 2.7 x 11.6 in)
WEIGHT 10 kg (~ 22 lbs)
APPLICATION LAN switch or Router to PC, or Streamer / Music Server