The Electra

The Ideon Audio Electra Ethernet cable: For High-Performance ethernet connection.

The most efficient network signal transfer

The Electra Ethernet cable, is a high-performance Ethernet – netwrok cable that will provide an efficient data transfer medium but mostly, a real musical experience from your audio networking environment. 

The Electra is the perfect match for all Ideon digital audio products – an area that we specialize and excel in – but it will also greatly benefit any digital audio system for ethernet connections. 

This cable is designed for the most efficient data transfer – especially for digital audio applications,  resulting in a life-like, lucid, coherent, and detailed sound, free from any fatigue or harshness, for boundless listening pleasure.

Hand-made end to end

The Electra is 100% handcrafted in-house, end to end, and it takes more than two days to complete. We chose and combine conductors, connectors, and excellent dielectric materials to reach the best data transmission over ethernet network connections.

This has been achieved after significant experimenting and testing of many different wire gauges and types, various dielectrics, and connectors. The Electra comprises the best combination of these materials and resources, in
terms of design principles and sound performance.



  • Deployment of 8 individual conductors from high-quality, silver-plated copper wire.
  • Closed, triple shielding system, eliminates noise and provides high-speed, efficient data transfer.
  • Superb magnetic and electromagnetic protection through a multi-layer shielding system.
  • Extensive use of organic material for shielding where appropriate, leading to higher sonic performance.
  • Isolation between threads with separate braids. Heavy copper braided shields ensure signal protection from external RFI/EMI.
  • High quality, dedicated shielding, with extra copper deployed, minimizing any data transmission interference.
  • High quality  aluminum connectors.
  • Hand construction and soldering throughout.
  • Available in 1.5m 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m.