Absolute Time Signature

The Ideon Audio Absolute Time Signature: unboundless, reference level digital signal reviving engine

Reference level USB & SPDIF signal re-clocking with no compromise.

The  Absolute Time Signature is a no-compromise design and implementation solving all issues inherent to digital playback, providing the ultimate quality signal for any DAC, regardless of price or brand.

Such a purified, re-generated signal is the first step to a natural, high-performance playback.

It was conceived, designed, and manufactured as an ultra hi-end audiophile device, based only on proprietary technologies developed by extensive, multi-year R&D by experts in software and hardware electronics. 

It operates for both USB and SPDIF signals.

Evolution to the Extreme level.

As a leader in re-clocking platform technology, Ideon Audio announced this new design after heavy customer demand for even higher standards for digital playback.

The Absolute Time Signature comes because of all the R&D, field testing and the experience gained directly from our extensive work in purifying and optimizing the USB signal with our proprietary re-clocking, re-generating, and re-driving family of products.

The Absolute Time takes all this knowledge, design and components deployed to the extreme scale up, being a bespoke product with a final handcrafted touch. 

3Rs. Addressing digital playback challenges.

The Absolute Time Signature is an extremely well though off, accurate, and highly sophisticated audiophile device, re-clocking, re-energizing, and re-driving the digital signal with correction at both the input and output stages. 

It’s the only way to experience the full potential of not only your DAC but of your complete audio system, by elimination noises, losses and jitter, while dramatically improving dynamics, clarity and resolution, bringing magic out of the digits. 

The signal quality is improved at an extreme level.  

Furthermore, the proprietary Ideon Audio Triple Distillation USB input comprises a proprietary three-stage noise eradication circuit that eliminates completely digital noise or any distortion from the input signal.


Signature Edition additional features

The technology within is an innovative combination of high-performance design features and best-of-breed quality components, featuring in addition to the highly acclaimed existing Absolute Time:

  • Advanced, triple Distillation USB input comprising a proprietary three-stage noise eradication circuit that eliminates digital noise from the input signal.
  • Twin cascading, sequential re-clocking systems with the absolute best femto clocks in a proprietary upgradable circuit
  • Twin sequential re-driving systems with clean power and re-generating buffering technology
  • Parallelized, extremely low-noise power supplies for noise elimination
  • Parallelized power transformers of excess load
  • Future-proof upgradable platform

The Absolute Time Signature leads to an extreme level of resolution and life-like natural sound with unimaginable dynamics and texture. This device will immediately reveal a clear and perceptible difference in ultimate audio systems.

The Signature version will shine in exotic levels of sound reproduction, for customers who want nothing but the very best musical experience from their system.


Dual Input and Outputs (USB & SPDIF)

The Absolute Time Signature also incorporates separate USB and SPDIF inputs and outputs — a boon for CD collectors for the enjoyment of their music!

SPDIF Correction / Re-clocking

The Absolute Time Signature SPDIF circuit also includes a stabilized coax input and a proprietary, ultra-low-noise, jitter-less re-clocking platform with 12.8MHz master clock output.

Stability and Power

The Absolute Time Signature incorporates electrically stable signal inputs and outputs; more importantly, it has a high current  power, 2.5A (5V rail) USB output, capable of driving any load without loss of detail, clarity, or dynamics.

Extreme Power Supply in Reclocking Core

Huge, extremely high current, ultra-low noise linear, power supplies – an Ideon Audio “trademark” are utilized in the Absolute Time Signature. We gave the Absolute Time Signature an huge main power bank composed of selected audiophile, low esr, silk caps.

The Absolute Time Signature is the only reclocker today that uses two parallel, high-wattage  audiophile transformers are  high-wattage for the application, that are hand-made.

Abundant Clean Power

As with all Ideon devices, power is carefully rectified and regulated to ensure vanishingly low noise and distortion.

In the Absolute Time Signature we have included triple-stage, ultra-stabilized, filtering, fueling the circuit.

This approach is instrumental in achieving the sound quality pursued: alive, real, and dynamic, connecting you to the musical event.

Future Proof Phase Correction

Correct timing is what the Absolute Time is all about! We apply correction at both ends (input-output) of the circuit.

Our multiple, ultra-low jitter femto clocks upgradable platform, ensures that the output signal is phase correct with vanishingly low jitter.

Massive, single-block aluminium chassis

The 22kg (~ 48 lbs) CNC milled chassis takes 15 hours to complete.

The result is a solid mechanical base housing the most intricate and expensive electronics available currently.

Various finishes are available to order.


  • Separate, electrically stable USB and coaxial (SPDIF) inputs
  • Superlatively sized power bank, 2 X hand-made audiophile transformer
  • Linear, triple-stage, ultra-low noise, stabilized, power supply, with separate lines to different circuits.
  • Low esr, audiophile (silk) capacitors throughout;
  • Proprietary, 2 X cascading femto clock re-clocking circuits on an upgradable platform;
  • Phase correct restitution and vanishingly low jitter.
  • Proprietary, zero-noise rectification bridge eliminates diode-rectification noise
  • USB output: ultra-stabilized with signal boost, high power (2.5S / 5V rail), easily drives any load
  • SPDIF output: proprietary ultra-low-noise, jitter attenuating PLL / supports 12.8MHz master clock
USB 2 X Cascading sequential type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec
SPDIF SAMPLE RATE 32 -192 re-clocking
PCM, DSD Full Compatibility
OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)
USB POWER RAIL Switchable 5V on/offs
POWER SUPPLY High current Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply
OUTPUT USB 2.5A ultra low noise 5 volt USB
LOCK Custom discrete LED audio clock synchronous display
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 490 x 90 x 350 mm ( (19.2 x 3.5 x 13.8 in)
WEIGHT 22 kg (~ 48.5 lbs)

Absolute Epsilon DAC – Part-Time Audiophile

“.. the most musical and engaging digital playback in my personal experience.

If you are looking to experience the pinnacle of digital audio playback today, you simply must audition the Ideon Absolute suite. But be warned! Once you are exposed to its crystalline, inviting, luxuriant, and breathtakingly authentic voice, you may find it as impossible as I have to settle for anything less.”


Greg Weaver, PartTime Audiophile, March 2024

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Absolute Epsilon DAC – HIFI STATEMENT

“…I’ve never seen anything like it – fascinating…”

“…incredible resolution and three-dimensional sonority, which is particularly surprising in the high pitches…””This is great class and for me absolutely unique, very far from the usual…”



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Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream, and Absolute Time – The Absolute Sound

“…The Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Stream music server, and Absolute Time master clock are in the upper echelon of today’s best digital playback. The trio has some remarkable musical attributes, including stunningly lifelike reproduction of music’s dynamics. The sense of immediacy and presence—the impression of nothing between you and the music—was equally impressive.”


Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, June 2022

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Absolute DAC, Absolute Stream, Absolute Time – High Fidelity

“…This is a top high-end, hence the GOLD FINGERPRINT award deserved for this system … …ABSOLUTE SUITE by Ideon Audio is one of the best-built audio I know… …the Greek player would be the equivalent of a top turntable ….”

” It is something between ‘weight’, ‘seriousness’ and ‘solidity’. It is the ultimate and certain force that you can always rely on and that does not change. And this is what the Ideon Audio sounded like.  It draws you into its world, both through the dense colors and saturation of the presentation with information, as well as through something that is difficult to define, and which makes us let go and listen to music in awe and delight.”

High Fidelity, November 2020

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