The Absolute Stream

Τhe most innovative high-performance, natural sounding server/streamer to render your music files.

It’s now available.

We conceived the absolute Stream as an audio device dedicated to music playback, rather than as a computer tweaked to play music.

– Real-time core playback. Rendering CPU highly prioritized for audio playback only, ensuring highly optimized sound quality
– Works as Roon bridge, rendering your music from NAS or HDs into the Absolute Stream’s core CPU
– Internet streaming services ready with maximum allowed integration (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, internet radio, etc)
– Proprietary, femto clock re-clocking circuit on an upgradable platform
– Very large main capacitors power bank (low esr, audiophile silk caps), and hand-made audiophile transformer
– Proprietary, zero-noise rectification bridge eliminates diode-rectification noise
– Ultra-low-noise, linear power supplies, across all board voltage points
– Proprietary, ultra-low esr special bypass power filter improving the transient current for the CPU (spectacular sound improvement!);
– Short signal paths without wiring
– Simplified, bare-bones operation avoids internal noise-inducing circuits
– Audiophile design & solid aluminium construction

Visit Absolute Stream’s product page.