The Absolute Time

Τhe ultimate, reference grade USB and SPDIF re-clocking, reviving platform.

It’s now available.

The Ideon Audio absolute Time improves the digital signal quality to what is currently an absolute level. The sonic result is unparalleled clarity and detail in reproduced sound. It is an indispensable signal “purifier and reviver” enabling the Ideon Audio’s Absolute Suite its superlative performance level.

At Ideon Audio we have been working with re-clocking technologies for more than three years; our popular, little, 3R and the award-winning Master Time signal rejuvenating and re-clocking devices are the fruits of these efforts.

The absolute Time was designed to address signal degradation issues in a definitive manner given current technology using the lessons learned from our other two devices and, particularly, considering our Clients’ feedback. In this respect, the absolute Time incorporates a separate coaxial input for CD transport sources, and a high current, 2.5A USB output.

  • Separate, electrically stable USB and coaxial (S/PDIF) inputs – a boon for CD collectors for the enjoyment their music!
  • Superlatively sized power bank, hand-made audiophile transformer;
  • As with all Ideon devices, the power reservoir is carefully engineered: linear, triple-stage, ultra-stabilized, with separate lines to different circuits.
  • Low esr, audiophile (silk) capacitors throughout;
  • Precise timing, phase, and clarity: ultra-low jitter femto clocks and ultra-low-noise oscillators ensure phase correct restitution and provide better drive current to the signal. Ultra-low noise power ensures that the outgoing signal is pristine!
  • USB output: ultra-stabilized with signal boost, high power (2.5S / 5V rail), easily drives any load;
  • S/PDIF output: proprietary ultra-low-noise, jitter re-clocking and 12MHz master clock output;

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