Ayazi mk2 DAC, 3R Master Time, 3R USB – hifitest.de (in German)

The difference between the 3R Master Time and the 3R USB Renaissance is fascinating. Ideon Audio’s efforts for good signal quality and correct processing pay off with more dynamic and detailed sound. Even a good DAC like the Ayazi can benefit from it.

hifitest.de,  December 2018

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Ayazi DAC mk2 & 3R Master Time – hifiknights.com


…Even though, after the presentation of 3R’s capabilities during the Audio Video Show, I knew more or less what to expect, after maybe 10 seconds of the first track my jaw dropped to the floor, so to speak. The difference is simply stunning. It is like replacing a DAC with another, much more expensive one. …

…even with such fantastic, top notch converters the 3R Master Time still managed to do its job and improve their performances…

…There aren’t many other D/A converters I know with such a good price/performance ratio…  …Having said that, I must admit, that the 3R Master Time is an even more impressive device. Combined with AyaZi mk2 it bravely competed with twice as expensive DAC, even excelling in some areas…  …Actually after this experience listening to my DAC without the Greek USB re-clocker became a somewhat less attractive experience. 

… the 3R Master Time is able to improve performance of (probably) any DAC, no matter how expensive…

hifiknights.com, April 2019

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Absolute DAC – avmentor.gr (in Greek)

…ο Absolute ήταν, κατά την άποψη μου, ένα ρίσκο για την Ideon Audio, αλλά και ένα στοίχημα που κερδήθηκε. Ο Έλληνας κατασκευαστής, έχοντας στο ενεργητικό του μόλις δύο συσκευές, έκανε ένα άλμα, επιχειρώντας να μπει στην αγορά των κορυφαίων ψηφιακών συστημάτων και τα κατάφερε με πολύ πειστικό τρόπο, καθώς ο κορυφαίος του μετατροπέας δεν είναι απλώς μια συσκευή με την τυπικώς υψηλή απόδοση αλλά ένα πεδίο έκφρασης απόψεων και εφαρμογής ιδεών…. …το αποτέλεσμα είναι, πραγματικά, μια συσκευή η οποία έχει πολλά να πει στον απαιτητικό audiophile. Well Done!

avmentor.gr, July 2018

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