At the Warsaw Audio Show 2018

The Absolute Computer-Audio Sound

Ideon Audio announced major new products at the Audio Video Show, Warsaw 2018, and presented the absolute computer audio playback.

During the show we were happy to announce the new Ideon Audio 3R Master Time, a highest precision USB re-clocking platform and the final edition of the absolute DAC, a no-compromise design based on the hi-resolution, “hyperstream”, 32 bit, 8 channel ES9038PRO SABRE Dac chip from ESS. Both devices, like all Ideon Audio products are results of in-house proprietary designs.

In the company’s room at Radisson Sobieski Hotel-Warsaw, Ideon Audio, demonstrated the absolute system in computer audio playback, based on the Absolute DAC and the 3R master Time reclocking platform, with the LDMS – Lucas Domansky Music Server completing the system as the ultimate digital source.

The Ideon Audio 3R Master Time Re Drive – Re Clock – Re Generate the USB signal. 3R Master Time based on Ideon Audio’s proprietary technologies, dramatically improves the sound from digital audio computer files, and music streaming services. It achieves amazing sound performance by uncovering lost detail, enhancing dynamics, re-clocking the signal using ultra-low jitter oscillators, and minimizing transmission losses. With triple ultra-low noise linear power supply, Femto, ultra-low noise phase clock and Dual re-drive signal conditioning chip Turns any PC/Laptop into a truly high-end source.

The Ideon Audio absolute DAC The absolute DAC represents the state of the art in digital-to-analogue conversion performance. It comprises end-to-end proprietary circuit design, ingenious combination of the best selected electronic and mechanical components, and no financial compromise at any stage of its R&D and construction

LDMS – Lucas Domansky Music Server State-of-the-art, featuring numerous unique optimization techniques in the system architecture and software & a bespoke hardware implementation for virtually jitter-free playback, providing extreme levels of EMI/RF shielding, vibration control, chassis dampening and true galvanic isolation, coupled with a premium-quality, ultra-clean linear power supply.

The System

Ideon Audio Absolute DAC

Ideon Audio 3R Master Time re-clocker

LDMS Music Server

Manron gm70 Integrated Amplifier

Horns Aria II Speakers

Gekko interconnects cables

Stavessence LAN & USB cables