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김편의 음악&오디오

I recently listened to a Very Special DAC

The DACs that I thought (until now) were the best or top of class, were MSB’s “Select” DAC, Thrax’s “Maximinus”, Orpheus’ “Heritage III”, Lampe’s “Pacific DAC”, and Total DAC’s “d1-twelve”; As of now — no: we need to add another one to this list…
Or, no—just (adding to the list) is not enough! At this time, maybe this is the best of the greatest DACs of all time: the flagship “Absolute DAC” from Greece’s Ideon Audio

…The war of DACs is finally ended and this is because the absolute king of kings has appeared: as its name suggests, it is the Absolute DAC from Greece’s Ideon Audio.
No optical input, no Ethernet input, no analogue volume or input—but it will suffice as-is: because I was really amazed to hear such fantastic sound! The designer knew exactly what is needed to produce that sound and implemented it using his 30-years’ experience and know-how.
In concluding: thank God for letting me hear this heavenly sound.

All Kim Pyeon’s Music & Audio , November 2019

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