Absolute DAC, Absolute Stream, Absolute Time – High Fidelity

“…This is a top high-end, hence the GOLD FINGERPRINT award deserved for this system … …ABSOLUTE SUITE by Ideon Audio is one of the best-built audio I know… …the Greek player would be the equivalent of a top turntable ….”

” It is something between ‘weight’, ‘seriousness’ and ‘solidity’. It is the ultimate and certain force that you can always rely on and that does not change. And this is what the Ideon Audio sounded like.  It draws you into its world, both through the dense colors and saturation of the presentation with information, as well as through something that is difficult to define, and which makes us let go and listen to music in awe and delight.”

High Fidelity, November 2020

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Absolute DAC – SoundVision


“… Ideon Audio has declared war on noise no matter where it is coming from! Its top of the range DAC achieves
astronomical dynamic performance …

…here we have a plethora of organic sonic detail, down to the last molecule of air that vibrates around the musical instruments, angelically soft transients and multilayered three-dimensional focus…”

SoundVision January 2020

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Absolute DAC – All Kim Pyeon’s Music & Audio (in Korean)

김편의 음악&오디오

…I recently listened to a Very Special DAC. 

The DACs that I thought (until now) were the best or top of class, were MSB’s “Select” DAC, Thrax’s “Maximinus”, Orpheus’ “Heritage III”, Lampe’s “Pacific DAC”, and Total DAC’s “d1-twelve”; As of now — no: we need to add another one to this list…
Or, no—just (adding to the list) is not enough! At this time, maybe this is the best of the greatest DACs of all time: the flagship “Absolute DAC” from Greece’s Ideon Audio

All Kim Pyeon’s Music & Audio , November 2019

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Absolute DAC – avmentor.gr (in Greek)

…ο Absolute ήταν, κατά την άποψη μου, ένα ρίσκο για την Ideon Audio, αλλά και ένα στοίχημα που κερδήθηκε. Ο Έλληνας κατασκευαστής, έχοντας στο ενεργητικό του μόλις δύο συσκευές, έκανε ένα άλμα, επιχειρώντας να μπει στην αγορά των κορυφαίων ψηφιακών συστημάτων και τα κατάφερε με πολύ πειστικό τρόπο, καθώς ο κορυφαίος του μετατροπέας δεν είναι απλώς μια συσκευή με την τυπικώς υψηλή απόδοση αλλά ένα πεδίο έκφρασης απόψεων και εφαρμογής ιδεών…. …το αποτέλεσμα είναι, πραγματικά, μια συσκευή η οποία έχει πολλά να πει στον απαιτητικό audiophile. Well Done!

avmentor.gr, July 2018

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