About us

Ideon Audio is a boutique audio systems manufacturer of extreme performance digital sound equipment like the Absolute and Ayazi digital-to-analogue converters, the 3R Master Time USB re-clocking platform and the ultra-low noise linear power supplies.

The sonic goal: to offer products which reveal the music hidden within the digital data, in other words, transport us to the recorded musical event: fully extended frequency range, real-life dynamics, clarity, and detail.

To achieve these results, all our products are in-house, proprietary designs, built without use of off-the-shelf modules. Our 360 manufacturing concept pervades the manufacturing process down to the choice of highest-standards materials and production partners; use of state-of-the-art technology and the best components available without cost compromise; testing takes place throughout the production process and the devices are hand-assembled in their final stage.

Our flagship, Absolute DAC & 3R Master combo, adorns world-class, top of the range systems worldwide.

The Ayazi DAC and the Ayazi & 3R combo, reasonably priced, liven up just as many top tier systems as well!

We simply want our products to be the best, in absolute terms and best in class.

Superlative performance on the one hand and rightly-priced offerings on the other— reflects our core value: to make digital source music accessible to all music-lovers’ & audiophiles’ budgets worldwide.


Who we are

…A team of audiophile music lovers with high sonic aspirations and large music libraries, which explains our fixation with extracting the last bit out of our music files.

The founding team comprises an inspired engineer with a proven track-record in digital audio circuits design and exceptional research into power supply design, two top-level corporate executives, and an IT company of security & home automation offerings.


Our Goal

We strive to make digital sound accessible to all.

In this context accessible means,

  1. to make digital music files sound as good as they can and
  2. to make our products financially accessible

The reasoning behind these two premises is simple: on the one hand, careful design using the best or the right components will lead to good sound — as good as the mastering, that is. This is the foundation of the Absolute, our flagship DAC.


On the other hand, cramming as many elements from the no-compromise Absolute DAC into the no-frills, reasonably priced yet non-compromised, Ayazi DAC, introduces high-end into mainstream audio.

Combine this with the no-compromise 3R Master Time or the low-cost 3R USB signal conditioning, and any low-budget system will rise to another, unprecedented, level altogether.

Add one of our ultra-low noise linear power supplies and you have reached sonic nirvana! Even streaming from mid & high resolution services is simply magic.

And it is magically simple as well!

As always, the bottom line is to enjoy music with all its dynamic content, perceive the musicians’ energy and passion; to hear the air around the instruments without harsh edges, enjoy midrange clarity, hear and feel the bottom end frequencies.