• 3R USB Renaissance mk2

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The mk2 version has significant enhancements over the first version, providing even greater performance improvement, taking your computer playback to another level! It has a new, redesigned board, a new - cascading technology - power supply for the digital core, and a new femto oscillator of highest clocking precision!

The 3R dramatically improves signal transmission from the USB cable (USB rail) through a cutting edge re-drive chip. It replaces and regenerates the USB signal utilizing a high quality low noise power supply. It re-clocks the USB signal utilizing low-jitter oscillators. The result is euphoric! The 3R provides a perfectly perceptible sonic upgrade, offering high-end features in any system, with analytical, yet relaxing musical sound, very big soundstage and ex-tended low and high frequencies. With 3R you «dig in» the music, retracting information unnoticed earlier. Bass comes out massive, extended and highly controlled, while high frequencies are more detailed, airy and considerably extended. The 3R is necessary in every system, in every studio, upgrading the complete digital audio experience, it can turn, any computer to a remarkable transport. It upgrades any USB Audio device (DAC & ADC).

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3R USB Renaissance mk2

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