High End Show in Munich



Ideon Audio participated again this year at the High End Show in Munich co-exhibiting with Acoustique Quality which kindly hosted us in its booth. Ideon Audio provided its flagship product, the Absolute Hyperstream DAC as the main digital source. Acoustique Quality presented its latest loudspeakers of the high-end Passion series, connected to the KR Audio tube amplifiers and the Ideon Audio Abolute DAC.

25 3 2018


Ideon Audio at Athens High End Show HES 2017


Ideon Audio presented a complete computer audio playback system during the Athens High End Show 2017 with the new Absolute DAC at its core. 

According to visitors’ comments Ideon Audio’s room was one of the best sounding ones, and we would like to thank them for their support and enthusiasm.

Special thanks to our partners:

Themis Zafeiropoulos from Location Sound for providing the wonderful ATC SCM 7 monitors and for his ongoing support, &

Philippe Watel – the musiCHI audio player author – for his efforts to optimize our computer source through his great software and not only!

The demo system was:

DAC: Ideon Audio Absolute DAC
USB Conditioner: Ideon Audio 3R USB Renaissance 
Source: Windows 10 mini PC, MusiCHI player, Software optimized for audio - Audio Optimizer, Fidelizer
Pre Amp.: E. Borbely Dual Class A JFet Line Stage
Power Amp.: 2 X Benchmark AHB2 bridged
Speakers: Wilson Watt Puppy system, ATC SCM 7 mini monitors
Cables: HMS, Gran Finale Jubilee, Acoustic Zen Silver reference, Nordost SPM reference, Harmonix HS 101, Curious, Own designs.


25 11 2017


Ideon Audio at High End Munich 2017

Ideon Audio for the first time, participated this year at the High End Show in Munich as co-exhibitors, together with FinkTeam – a company famous for its excellency in speakers engineering - and will introduce new products as well as showing support for its increasing number of customers and distributors.

Although relatively new, Ideon Audio has gained immediate recognition for its expertise in high-performance digital audio, right by its first product, the Ayazi DXD 384kHz DAC.

Today, the Company is pleased to announce the new Absolute DAC, a no-compromise design based on the hi-resolution, “hyperstream”, 32 bit, 8 channel ES9038PRO SABRE Dac chip from ESS.


 Read the Press release HERE


15 4 2017


Ideon Audio @ Athens High End Show 2016.



Ideon audio succeeded to offer one of the best sounds of the Athens high-end show as most of the visitors commented, and more importantly in a room which was not easy to set up acoustically!

We would like to thank you, for your enthusiasm and impressive comments about our products and the complete digital playback solution we presented.

3R USB Renaissance was sold out from the first day of the show, as it was greatly recognized in transforming digital playback into a high-end experience. Thank you for that, as well!

We would like also to thank our partners who helped us setting up such a highly musical system, and especially Philippe Watel – the musiCHI audio player author – for his efforts to optimize our source!

The system used was:

Source: Windows 10 PC with musiCHI client-server edition, Audio Optimizer and Fidelizer

Dac: Ideon Audio Ayazi dxd high definition

USB Signal redriving: Ideon Audio 3R USB Renaissance, re-driving, re-clocking, re-generating device

Pre Amp: Borbely Audio

Power Amp: Bonnec Alto

Speakers: PMC 26


Special thanks to Solid Foundation and Stelios Mitsionis for providing the power amp and the speakers for the show!

20 11 2016